May 18, 2020

Re-opening in the “COVID19 Environment” comes with risk.

In order to re-open safely and successfully, there are some important considerations that must be made for the safety of our clients, our staff, our community and our business.

It is critical before we even see our first client, that our business policies and protocols align with the broader goals to protect the health and lives of those in the community we serve.

I am fortunate to have some great contacts in the legal and financial world that were able to answer the questions small business owners in health, wellness and beauty should be considering for re-opening their practice.

Irma Roberts is a Calgary based Barrister & Solicitor at IRMA ROBERTS highlights some very important considerations regarding the services we provide.

Mark Grabas with PUSHOR MITCHELL and I worked together in previous roles dealing with organizational and occupational health, as well as in WCB and WORKSAFEBC initiatives. We discuss important employer/employee considerations for re-opening.

Al Mawji of BMO FINANCIAL GROUP , is a Regional Manager – Healthcare and I also worked together in previous roles for companies in the business of health and we discuss some increased costs to consider in the new COVID19 environment.

Dorin Bogdan Mihalche is a Managing Partner at MMCA and ASSOCIATES and author of “TAX FOR DOCTORS” , a useful guide for practitioners and students. He shares with us the different support programs that are available to business owners and individuals.

Thank you for viewing.