May 30th, 2020

With attendees from across North America and other parts of the world, ranging from physicians, dentists, nurses and investors, it was very encouraging to see that we are all learning as a community of health professionals and business owners on how to re-open safely and successfully.

Our panel of clinical educators and ISPAN and CSASN members delivered some great information and inspiration for practitioners and clinic owners to implement in their own practices.

Using position statements from and, our panel of Aesthetic Nurses and Clinic Owners shared how they have re-opened or how they are planning to re-open. Past President of ISPAN and Founding Member of CSASN, Tracey Hotta provides us insight on the work that ISPAN and CSASN have released to assist with considerations for re-opening in the new COVID19 practice and business environment.

We uncovered some great tips from Kevin Harrington, of Face-Time Aesthetics in Florida as he opened his practice just over 3 weeks ago on considerations for staff when re-opening.

Julie Bass Kaplan, of Disappearing Act Laser & Skin Rejuvenation in California shared an excellent concept of identifying the appropriate PPE for the different risk levels of treatments offerred at her clinic.

From British Columbia, Angela Haff of Project Skin MD has been open for 2 weeks and shares how patients have been receiving the changes to the delivery of services with the new COVID19 precautions clinics are incorporating into their practice.

In Alberta, where my practice GLOW MD Clinics is waiting for the green light to re-open, Erin Talbot of Perfexion Skin Care and I discuss where there is some confusion on re-opening and how we are preparing to re-open safely and successfully by learning from our colleagues.

Many of the questions that were submitted during registration were addressed by our panel and it shows that ALL OF US are facing the same struggles and issues with re-opening.

Where there are no clear answers, there can always be innovative ideas learned from our colleagues that work together.